Fanchon Tabb is an excellent teacher and I cannot recommend her enough. With my three children, I have been a parent for 31 combined years and I can easily say that Ms. Fanchon has been my favorite teacher. She is professional and talented, and working with her is a joy.

Ms. Fanchon has been my son’s teacher for nearly five years. He came to her an undersized five-year-old with mild special needs. He has low muscle tone, which means his fingers get tired easily. Even more challenging, he has sensory processing disorder, which makes sitting still and focusing for 30 minutes nearly impossible, especially when there are auditory distractions. Ms. Fanchon has never shown the least bit of impatience or frustration working with him, and, miraculously, she has managed to turn every weekly session of the past five years into a success. My son plays the piano beautifully, enjoys doing so, and loves Ms. Fanchon.

Amy C. Haney

Our daughter, Nina, began piano lessons with Fanchon at the age of three. Now, at the
age of six, Nina is a very talented piano player because of Fanchon’s excellent teaching
skills and musical talent.

We are also impressed with Fanchon’s insight to the individual need for her students. She
was very instrumental in guiding us during some of Nina’s personal adjustment stages of

Fanchon is very attentive and personable with Nina. I think this is very important when
teaching children. Fanchon is not only a teacher but a friend.
We love Fanchon and could not imagine having any other teacher.

Tabetha and Mike DeLafosse

We highly recommend Miss Fanchon as a music teacher.  Our son has been taking piano lessons from her for a little over a year and we are amazed at his progress.  She makes learning so easy and fun for him because she adapts her teaching style to fit him and the way he learns.  He is having such a wonderful learning experience with Miss Fanchon, we are positive that he will continue to be excited about playing the piano for many more years.

The Abrams